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By sharing expertise we will work together to take those problems and challenges apart and find out what is causing them and talk about what you should do to tackle them. 

Coaching - and indeed mentoring (a more personal take on being effective) - typically forms part of an ongoing programme of meetings providing the opportunity to review progress and address blocks and difficulties.  Take a look at typical Business Coaching and Mentoring Projects DELTA Group - Business Coaching and Mentoring.pdf.

The end result of effective coaching is that things are better.  You don't have to try to take the learning from a course and make it work for yourself back in the business.

Another significant benefit is that it doesn't take you away from your work place - we come to you!  Also, when you have coaching from us you will receive ongoing telephone and e mail support between meetings to develop processes and systems for example.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Business coaching and personal development projects have included 1 : 1 and group sessions for executive, senior and middle/first line managers in topics such as business and strategic planning, financial budgeting and management, sales planning and marketing and people and project management.

Coaching for managers and individuals also includes conflict management and negotiation, assertiveness skills, delegation, dealing with difficult people, influencing skills, leadership, negotiation skills, time management and team development.

Coaching or mentoring makes things very real.  It will probably be carried out in your work place.  It will be directly with you and will tackle your real work problems of today, the ones you are experiencing now!


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