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Any project or development will be designed with you and delivered with you so that it works in your business.

Click here to see and download just a small flavour of the range of the Business Support that we offer.

We have set out some of our Current Projects and Assignments Click Here.

For some examples of some of our Typical Business and HR projects Click Here

For a discussion about your specific needs please call 01202 690348 or e-mail Jonathan

Typical Projects

Business and HR Consultancy

We have worked with a range of clients from Manufacturing to Nursing Homes, Logistics to Law, Defence to Doctors and Aviation to Removals to support them in a range of business and HR issues.

We have helped our clients with strategic planning, business planning, sales and sales management, Organisational design and job specification, performance management and employment terms and condition.

Performance Management

The development, design and implementation of a performance management (appraisal) system to measure, plan and review performance in an open way supporting and requiring self responsibility. Dynamic and participative workshops designed to challenge managers to take responsibility for the high performance of their people.

Manager competences

We have a broad based experience in the design of manager competence models. This activity uses a range of approaches :-

Competences developed by the organization and then benchmarked against 'industry' standards

An 'activities' based model linked to IiP/NVQs

A model based on an interpretation of the culture/requirements of the organisation and developed with the individuals involved.

Investors in People

Jonathan is also a qualified and experienced Investors in People Specialist and has advised around 300 clients to successful IiP Recognition and assessed over 250 more so that can often feature as part of the development.


DELTA Group offers a range of focussed consultancy and development support to help you design and implement business solutions.

Projects have included Strategic and Business Planning, Marketing, Sales and Operational Planning, Change Management, Performance Management, development of HR and people procedures, Recruitment, Business Continuity and Succession Planning, Training Planning and Management.  Psychometric testing and Investors in People.

We aim to build effective long term relationships working alongside people to enable them to take their business where they want it to go.  We have been lucky enough to work with many clients from a range of sectors and sizes over a number of years.