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In addition to consultancy we work with a range of clients to develop and deliver group and individual skills development and training through workshops, coaching and personal development.

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Our aim is to structure planned organisational and individual development which helps you deliver better results or improve the performance of your team. We hope you find the information on this site useful. Please Contact Us if you are looking for a specific response, otherwise please make use of the information on the Website.

After we have agreed what will work for you we plan how to implement the ideas to get the maximum impact.  To make sure we can always make the best choice of how to do this we have developed a broad base of skills.  Click to look at examples of what we do.  You can choose from - Consultancy, Coaching or Development Workshops.pdf.

DELTA Group was formed in 1990 to help clients develop business effectiveness using a wide range of business activities designed to make a real difference to business performance.  We also undertake coaching and mentoring and team leadership and management and personal development training. 

Work has been varied and has included business planning, business strategy, marketing & sales, financial and commercial management, people management, improving operational performance or leading an organisation through to personal and business skills development.

We also work with Standards - such as Investors in People or the EFQM Excellence Model - to benchmark organisational performance.


Business Development and Skills Training

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