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DELTA Group has developed and run a wide range of learning and development workshops for clients.

For some examples of typical management development projects Click Here

Here are some Example Workshops from DELTA Group that we have designed and run. Please contact us if a topic you are interested in is not covered here, we can design workshops to meet the needs.  For examples of Workbooks that accompany workshops see below.

Work has included :-

Structured Manager Development

We have worked at various levels designing and delivering manager development.

Example programmes :-

Senior Managers - A combination of designing competences, a series of structured workshops, Director involvement, at work project activity and an external speaker from a Plc customer.

Other Managers and Team Leaders - Using the business' expectations of managers to design core events with an 'at work' activity leading to a part 'NVQ' for a Facilities Management organisation.

In another client a series of workshops for all managers designed to achieve an attitudinal shift in the way managers' works with their people.

In another a planned workshop programme with concurrent delivery of a strategic project making a measurable difference to business performance and having a payback in ££££.

'Away Days'

A range of planning and team development days with executives, senior managers, managers and people at all levels, e.g. to plan for the future, to develop processes, improve customer service or develop the team.

Training and Development programme design and management

We have been commissioned to plan, design, market, manage and evaluate Development programmes for smaller organisations as well as large Plc clients covering around 5000 staff.

For some examples of the workbooks that accompany the  workshops we have run for our clients, please click one of the links below : -

Key Leadership Skills

Getting the Best from your team

Negotiation Skills

Effective Recruitment & Selection